Marcellus Sports Boosters

Meetings and Minutes

MSB meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the High School Library at 6:00 p.m.

Marcellus Sports Booster Club Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2019

High School Library



Officers: K. Johnson, R. Durand, J. Darminio

Board Members: K. Germain, M Sullivan, M Ingianni, D Welch

Athletic Director: M. Free

Team Reps: C. Shea (Cross Country), L. Wynne (Softball), Matt Caron (Girls Lacrosse), K Ciota (Wrestling), J Sammon (Boys Basketball), K Spitzer (Indoor Track) R Riefler (Maintenance)


Review of October minutes:*Motion made by K. Johnson to approve the minutes of October 2019 as written, approved by D Welch, 2nd by M Ingianni APPROVED (7-0)


Membership - no recent sales


Treasurer’s Report: *Motion made by K Johnson to accept treasurer’s report. 2nd M Sullivan (7-0)

  • Booster Club available funds around $16k (paid Nojaims)

  • Hall of Fame Committee has nomination form on website with its own email address for confidentiality

  •  Board approved (7-0) to change from Paypal to Wild Apricot as payment system for online donations


Fund Requests

  • Weiskotten (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach for High Schools) - now a school paid position presented need to upgrade and add equipment to workout room in high school

    • Received $500 from Chocolate Pizza Company and $1000 from Pizza Boise toward new gym equipment

Snack Shack 

  • Indoor snack shack being run by in season sports and the parents

Merchandise Sales/Fall Fundraisers

  • Made about $800 at the Holiday Happening

Mike Free Update 

  • All CNY/Offense - Football

    • 3rd Team State - Brown, Kermes and Kaczor

  • Volleyball - 4th team Evelyn Webster

  • Girls Soccer - 4th team - Sarah Hutchings

  • Rules update for baseball - must replace all baseballs, catching equip and pitchers mound

Old News

  • Cox Bench - has been ordered; all composite $1339 includes shipping ($1320 was set aside) - Kate Shanahan coming up with verbage for brass plaque

  • Wrestling Take Down Dummy - able to hang in recessed area downstairs of DMS gym - money given to T Donovan who will reimburse Booster Club

 Motion made by R Durand to adjourn. 2nd M Ingianni APPROVED (7-0)


NEXT MEETING: Monday, January 13, 2020 @ 6PM HS LIBRARY 

Address: 1 Mustang Hill, Marcellus, New York 13108


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